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Saturday, November 29, 2008

He Fell Hard

He fell. He was most beautiful; the loveliest one amongst angels. He was the keeper of the song, chief musician extraordinaire with gemstones on his brow. He commanded legions of the heavenly powers and they did his bidding well . . . so well, that they followed him in the fall.

Charmer, deceiver, attempted usurper of the heavenly crown – his name once was Lucifer, once was a fair name. No more. Now he wages war against all creation and a bloody battlefield it is for he has lost his sting and it enrages him.

“I saw satan fall like lightning from heaven!” so said Christ. And he fell hard.

Artwork: Falling Star by Witold Pruszkowski


  1. Hi, Stacey!

    I really enjoy and value your blog. :-)

  2. Thank you! I enjoy writing it. I pray that it will do some good, though perhaps a small amount, in this world. We are told not to despise small beginnings...

  3. Happy St Nicolaus Day, Stacey! :-)

    I guess you do not celebrate it over there, but well, I wish you a wonderful St Nicolaus anyway.

  4. Thanks, Philippe. No, we don't celebrate that day over here. We just celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas.
    I hope you have a wonderful St. Nicolaus day!