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Friday, August 29, 2008


We live in a strange time, a dark and hurried time when wars and rumors of wars cross this earth. In many places the sound of battle wakens little ones and fills the night time skies. Men have never done it well: this thing called “peace”. Our nature does not allow for such a thing. Without a greater power in our souls to slay the pride within, peace is quite impossible and the earth shall never know it.

Yet the darkest war of all is yet to come. God loves this nation and will intervene to help. George Washington was visited by an angel who showed him a vision of the things to come. Here is a link to George Washington's prophecy. It was published in the military's newpaper. It describes the prophecy as he described it to his comrade at the time.

Artwork: The Lightning by Alexandre Antigna

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The God of Calvinists

The God of Calvinists is very angry. But I suppose I would be too if I despised the race of men as much as he (according to Calvinists that is). The God of Calvinists would sooner strike a sinner with a lightning bolt than show him love (especially if the unlucky chap was created just for hell). The God of Calvinists did not gift men with a free-will. We are puppets in a puppet master’s hand and if we dare to speak that “f” word (then heretics we most certainly will be). The God of Calvinists does not listen to the heart-felt prayers for loved ones that we offer up with tears. If he created them for doom then all the prayers in all the world will do no good (tsk-tsk. And you foolishly believed that he'd be moved by love. Whatever were you thinking?).

I thank God that I am not a Calvinist!

Artwork: Allegory of Power © 1985 Virgil Elliott

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mozambique is Hearing It

God has taught your hands to war, dear Georgian Banov. God has surely taught your fingers how to fight. Only your weapon is not a sword but something more destructive to that insidious enemy of man - worship, Georgian, worship with all your heart! When prophetic song breaks forth, it brings healing in our midst.

The devil and his hordes of hell cannot stand before the worship of our Christ. Laugh loud and play for all you’re worth! That great cloud of witnesses is watching and the angels are joining in your song. You have the sound of glory on your strings. And Mozambique is hearing it. And the Gypsies in Romania are hearing it. And all heaven is hearing it. Play on, dear son, play on!

Photograph: Georgian Banov in Mozambique with Heidi and Rolland Baker © 2008 Iris Ministries

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not So Very Strong

I am not so very strong. You who knows me best of all knows well this truth. Lord, I fall upon my knees. I fall upon them hard and confess that I am weary. Not one more step shall I attempt to take until I see you here before me. The battle can wait another day (for always there are battles) – right here is where I’ll wait until I see that lovely face and in seeing it I’m strengthened.

The armor of God I will duly wear . . . but the presence of God I dearly need.

Artwork: Joan of Arc by John Everett Millais

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where are the Shepherds?

There they are, the whole motley group of them. Some bleeding, some sickly, some tangled in the briar, some just about to fall from off the cliff! Who would have thought way back when that they’d end up such a ragamuffin group as this?

Where are the shepherds? That’s what I would like to know. Where are the ones responsible to feed and shelter them? They don’t mind making money from the ragged things: their meat and wool bring a tidy sum. But where are they when the wounded need patient bandaging or the stragglers need someone to brooke the wind and cold to bring them home?

I know One who will do the job, who loves the sheep, every muddy, thorn-filled one of them; I know One who would leave all behind to find just one lost lamb. Bad shepherds always get fired, you know . . . it just might be time for a new round of hiring.

Artwork: Our English Coasts by William Holman Hunt

Friday, August 08, 2008

No Human Comforter

The night was dark when He wept tears of blood. Angels saw Him there. Heaven looked upon Him and trembled at the sight - dearest One, who had no human comforter.

Buddha never gave his life to save another nor did the Dalai Lama or Muhammad. Allah and the Hindu gods never showed such love toward those counted as their enemies. But Jesus did. Jesus knelt that night and freely gave His life that the world of men might be reconciled to God.

Are there many ways to heaven? Just look at each of them and tell me – which one gave his life to save a broken world? Which one bled and hung and wept for you? Which one resurrected from the dead that we might know eternal life? It is an easy answer.

Artwork: Christ at Gethsemane by Carl Heinrich