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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Stronger, Truer Folk

Stand tall and true you Irish folk. God gave you the gift of song, the gift of strength through trials hard that would have broken any other. Stand true you noble Irish and do not allow the EU to force you to comply to their tyrannical constitution. Cast out the elite of Brussels from your midst and do not allow your leadership to bend. Speak up for all the people and never sign the Lisbon Treaty.

Dear Ireland, for so you are to many round the world who are watching the current struggle. In these end of days a people shall come forth from you who have the sound of glory in their song, the sound of heaven that shall break the back of darkness and cause hell to flee before you. You have been made for such a time as this. The centuries of pain have been your crucible. You are a stronger, truer folk because of it and God will have your ear. The thin places of Ireland are God’s own visitation . . . yes, God will have your ear not the European Union. Be faithful to the God of your once youth!

Celtic King © 2008 Dean Morrissey


  1. Hi Stace,

    You have a nice blog.

    Nevertheless, I do not agree with you this time, but I think it is a sad thing that Ireland has rejected the proposed EU constitution.

    I think that the present EU leadership under France has correctly understood the new situation.

    Now we turn to all the Mediterranean countries and to Russia, and together with them we will form our new homeland.

    Then I hope America also will join of course. God bless.

    Best Wishes,

  2. I disagree, Philippe. But that shows that we still live in a free world, in parts of the world anyway, and are allowed our freedom of thought. It is not so in China and the middle east and will not be so one day in the EU.

  3. Hi Stace,

    Did you see that Obama now calls for a world without walls:

    http://www.russiatoday.ru/news/news/28010 ?

    Best Wishes,

  4. Stace8:51 AM

    Yes, I have seen that. He is not the first to say such things.