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Monday, July 14, 2008

It Must Be Killed!

Do not attempt to tame the beast. Many have tried and lost their souls because of it. Its thirst is deep and its hunger quite insatiable, so do not sidle up to it and think that you can tempt it to obey you. Feeding it will only make it larger.

You think the strength of youth will save you from its teeth and it will not rend you into pieces, as it has so many other youth? You are wrong and your mistake will cost you dearly. Run it through, I say, run it through before it is too late! It must be killed! This is not a time for pity, not a time for kindnesses and gentleness.

Call the creature what it is – sin! A black and deadly thing that is buried in your soul at birth, the very nature of your own dead self that must be crucified. And Christ alone can do it. Kill the thing ere it swallows up yourself . . . and all that’s left . . . is a dragon.

Artwork: Jason Charming the Dragon by Salvatore Rosa


  1. Another good word! Young people need this message today. (And older folk like me too). Keep up the good work. Good use of St. George and the Dragon. (That IS St. George and the dragon, right?)

  2. stace2:06 PM

    No, it is Jason Charming the Dragon by Salvatore Rosa.