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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gnarled Roots

This is my life - at the moment. A tangled and difficult path. We are not always placed upon an easy way. Gnarled roots make the going slow. I do not wish to be here, but here I am.

I have oft been patient and I have occasionally not. I have worshipped my Savior in the midst of raging winds and on otherwise quiet, sunny days I have complained. I have lain down and closed my eyes sometimes for far too long when it was easier than walking. Joy has met me in frequent bursts whilst peace has sometimes been allusive.

But I know a loving God. I know I am not forgotten by Him. My voice is heard! . . . and there lies the greatest comfort. To be remembered is a wonderful thing.

Artwork: On the Banks of the River Bedelder © Annie Ovenden

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  1. This is my life right now also, I get it. The laying down when walking seemed too hard, the bursts of joy even when I feel so unworthy. Even though at times it seems so difficult I know it IS my path and I know that I am NEVER walking it alone. He is there to pick me up when I stumble and to soothe my tired and sometimes scratched feet. Thank you Stacey for telling my story!