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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

White-hot Metal

Innocence is precious. We think of it as soft and pure—little lambs and babies. But there is a purity that is like white-hot metal; that burns in our souls; that purges all the dross. It is my Beloved One that grants me such a touch as this, a burning touch that cleans my soul and restores my innocence.

Christ, the sinless one, the violently loving One, the One whose heart is ever longing for the lost ones He died for; it is His touch that restores, refreshes and makes clean. Such a feeling to be clean! Soaking for a thousand days in water would not let me feel as clean as one touch from His gentle hand.

Who would not want the feeling of a clean soul? . . . if only they knew. Burning can be a very good thing.

Artwork: Innocence by Bougoureau

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