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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Glory Rising

So many in the faith do not recognize the times that we are in. They only see destruction, and gloom is in their visage. End Times, apostacy and death! They do not see the Glory that is rising. It rises yet! Brighter than the darkness, this Glory even now transcends above all else. The name of Christ is rumbling through the heavens and the darkness trembles at the sound.

Such Glory fills these earthen vessels that we are, a fragile broken-hearted people that have been saved by love. Such Glory shall yet raise the dead and in the western nations we shall hear the shouts of blind-men given sight and lame-men given back their legs. In third world nations such things are common. In this faith they are far richer, for unbelief does not grip their hearts as it does ours. But God's Glory cannot be bound and there are a hidden people who even now can call this Glory down and soon they will come forth!

Artwork: Resurrection (detail) by Rembrandt

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