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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Babies Down the Drain

Babies down the drain, flushed away as thoughtlessly as sewage. Rivers of babies have been lost. 55 million little lives in America alone. God said He sees us in our mother’s womb when we are yet unformed. That would be an embryo just 2 weeks old—unformed and quietly unknown by its mother. Yet Father knows that tiny life and He says that in His book are written all the days that He had planned for it, before it's ever born and awakened to the world. Think of all His plans that never came to pass, all the pages of His book that were torn out. Poor mothers. Their hearts are left with pain and shame after this violent act against their womb. Abortion is a grief.

This is proof of how civilized we've become . . . it is rivers of precious babies flowing down the drain.

Artwork: The Lake, Sleeping Waters by Frederik

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