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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Are We Not Gods?

God is so creative! It is an incredible, immense imagination that He has. From out His mind sprang the entire order of the universe; such an astounding thing that mere mortals find it difficult to grasp. We are boxed in by our little minds and refuse to believe in feats to which we ourselves cannot attain. We sit before our Creator with our chests puffed out and insist with presumed intelligence, “God did not do that! There is no god in fact!”

We sit resolute, determined to not heed anything of a kind that might say that we are wrong. Wrong? Us? Are we not the smartest of all creatures? Are we not gods ourselves? Do we not have the power of the divine hidden down within only waiting to come out? What tragic, silly beings we’ve become.

And Christ looks down upon those He made and sees the rebellious little children that we are.

Artwork: Infant Jupiter by Sir Joshua Reynolds

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