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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The First Words

Christ is all there is, fairer than ten thousand, fairer than all the sons of men. There is no joy in life to be had without Him. He, himself, is joy! What a wonder that I find myself in relationship with Him. 

God so good has made a way to Him. What a mystery this is, to be loved by One so high and lifted up! Man could never have imagined such goodness or such righteousness. It is proof that the true God is not a fabrication of man's imagination. Time and again, throughout all of history, man has proven what manner of god his imagination can conjure up. Always it is a god as low and petty and unrighteous as himself. The gods of myth and pagan followings are beings of unbounded lusts and selfish bickerings; they are gods who hold grudges against us lowly beings and who demand hard service and unending tribute be brought to them to secure their favor. 

How wondrous to have a God who is so far above us and in perfection reigns.

Artwork: Jeanne Darc (c) Miles Mathis


  1. I love it! I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Beautiful site :)

    Debbie Boutwell


  3. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Where do you find your art work?

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  5. Anonymous1:01 AM

    "What a wonder that I find myself in relationship with Him."

    This post is so beautiful Stacey.

    I sometimes fall asleep at night wondering how and why it is that I have been allowed to be in relationship with Him, lying there basking in His love. Why should the Creator of the universe even be aware of me, not to mention loving me and being attentive to me as if I were the only one He had to love and be attentive to.

    We are dust, and yet He loves us. It is the highest attainment of the dust to love and praise Him.

    Bob ( a new reader)

  6. Thank you, Bob. He is definately a wonder.